Emails Received Looking for Info


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Email received from Cindi Ritchie about a car named "Idelwild"

Okay Gearhead Friends! Way, way back in the 60's, when we were growing up on Bainbridge Island, we all had Chevys. Joe Haley had several, most notable was his 39' Coupe. He raced in C-Gas. I had a 55' Hardtop that I raced in D-Gas. We would all pack up on Sunday's and go to various race tracks around the area. Belfair was a regular for us. One time we went up to Arlington to race. We did pretty well. But one car really grabbed my attention that day. I still think about it and wonder what ever happened to it. It was a light metallic green 55' Bel-Air Coupe called "Idlewild". It had a graphic on the doors depicting a Cedar Log Camshaft. It was wicked fast. The guy was running around looking for a pair of 31" rear tires to change his setup for the track. Don't know what gears he was running. When the day was done we packed up and headed home. Before we left I went looking for the "Idlewild". Found them ready to go. He had made a set of wheels for the rear end that were free wheeling for towing. This guy knew his stuff! So, if you ever run across this car or the guy who owned it let me know. Like I said, he had to be from the Arlington area around 1964,65. Thanks!

 Email received from Alan Hvizdos, Port St. Lucie, Florida 

I run a registry of 50, 1966 Dodge Darts that raced in D/Stock back then.  Chrysler released these cars to various parts of the country and one went to either Town & Country Dodge in Lynnwood, Wa or Mt. Vernon Dodge in Mt. Vernon, Wa. 

In doing my research on the cars and I was given your email address by a guy up in Yakima, Wa.   He said that back in 1966 there was a 1966 D/Dart that may have raced at your track.  It was sponsored by Mt. Vernon Dodge, had 'MINI MOPAR' lettered on the doors and may have been driven by Louie Parker.  Would you have any info on this car?  Pictures would be great. 

If you are or were an NHRA track at the time, it would have run in D/S.  In 67 it would have run in C/S and in 68 , F/S.  I was told the car raced up until the end of the 69 season.  If you had another sanctioning body in 1966 let me know and I'll try to find out what class it ran in. 

Any help that you can provide on this car would be appreciated.